Hi! My name is Danielle...

I am a mom of 3 awesome kids, and a wife to a pretty great guy. I live in Alabama, but I am originally from Texas, and will always be a Texas girl at heart. I love music of all kinds - which is actually how my husband and I met, at a concert! I am fascinated with other cultures and languages. I also love art, connecting with others, and checking out new places and restaurants.

In case you can't tell by my blog name, I am quite the fan of food. I have "played" with food ever since I can remember, pretending I was a chef, really working on plating food, and creating my own recipes. Photography has equally been a great passion of mine which I inherited from my mom. I still have her old film Pentax camera from her college days. There is something so satisfying about capturing the beauty in a moment.

In my everyday life and style, I keep things pretty simple and neutral. Food is my adventure where I experiment with colors, patterns, and textures. I love making things really shine in a bright, but natural way.

In this blog, you will find a true connection between both of these loves, along with motherhood, health, skin-care, and life sprinkled in. I hope you enjoy what you find and I look forward to sharing this adventure with you.